Abigail is one of the minor protagonists in The Fox and the Hound.

She is the pet cow of Widow Tweed.

Abigail's mooing sounds are provided by an uncredited Frank Welker.


The Fox and the HoundEdit

Abigail and widow

Widow Tweed trying to calm Abigail down

In The Fox and the Hound, Abigail was first seen in Widow Tweed's farm and is being milked by Widow. Then, a young Tod accidentally causes havoc in the barn when he tries to touch a hen's chicks, and Abigail accidentally spills the can of milk. Widow then tells Abigail to calm down, and tells Tod to look what he's done. But then he starts licking her face and she decides to forgive him, and tells him to run along and play, and also warns him to not get into any mischief.

Abigail isn't seen or heard from again from then on.


Abigail is a calm and peaceful cow who doesn't like to be pestered.


  • Her name means father's joy in Hebrew.
  • Abigail was animated by Don Bluth who directed The Secret of Nimh.