Amos Slade (simply known as Amos) is a major character of The Fox and the Hound. He doesn't like pests stealing his animals on the property.
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He might have a crush on Widow Tweed hinting in the midquel.


Amos Slade is a protective old chicken farmer who loves his dogs very much. However when chickens are being chased he gets angry. In the end he showed remorse after Tod saved him from a dangerous bear.


  • In the first film he was played by the late actor Jack Albertson, and then Jeff Bennet in the midquel.
  • Amos Slade is a chicken farmer.
  • Amos Slade has two pet dogs named Chief and Copper.
  • Amos's truck is a Ford Model T.
  • Amos Slade and Widow Tweed were the only characters who are humans.
  • Amos has the same eyebrows as his oldest dog, Chief.
  • Amos and Chief live in a old cabin.
  • He cooks grits and fatback.
  • His last name is Slade which means little valley.
  • He is Widow Tweed's neighbor.